Development of a QoS Measurement Application for Android

State: completed by Thomas Finkbeiner
The popularity of powerful smart phones is fostering the adoption of bandwidth-intense mobile applications. As a consequence, mobile data services are becoming more important. At the same time, the number of data plans available to customers is increasing too because a growing number of mobile virtual network operators (MVNOs) is entering the market and competing with traditional mobile network operators (MNOs).
It is safe to assume that the available data plans do not only differ in terms of price but also in terms of Quality-of-Service (QoS). While there are a couple of measurement applications available for mobile phones, none of them is open-source and meets scientific standards. The task of the student is to fill this gap by developing an application capable of measuring the QoS provided by the different MNOs. The application shall be written in Java for the Android platform.
20% Design, 50% Implementation, 10% Evaluation, 20 % Documentation
Java Programming Skills

Supervisors: Dr. Thomas Bocek, Christos Tsiaras

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