Integration of Contiki Support in CoMaDa-GUI

State: completed by Sebastian Pinegger

Today users request an user friendly graphical user interface (GUI) independent of the application and operating systems. Those GUIs should include management support, visualization of data, and data import/export functionalities.

For wireless sensor networks (WSNs) the GUI CoMaDa is available at the department, which supports these requests. Currently the GUI only supports the operating system TinyOS. In order to support more WSN hardware we are looking for YOU to integrate Contiki. The task will be to setup Contiki in an existing virtual machine and to prepare the GUI infrastructure in order to program the sensor nodes by clicks, to visualize network status and received data.


Depending on thesis type and YOUR preferences the topic scope can be adjusted. Just come over and discuss with me.


Final Report

70% Implementation, 30% Documentation
HTML, Linux

Supervisors: Lisa Kristiana, Dr. Corinna Schmitt

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