Design, Implementation, and Evaluation of a Mobile Security Software

State: completed by Alessandro Peduzzi and Daniel Reber

The development of novel technologies as well as ICT support in general bring the potential to improve precision and control of business processes. It is, however, not clear ex ante to which extent and driven by which factor the business process optimization aimed for is actually obtained in reality.

In the scope of this master project, a mobile application willl be designed and implemented to take advantage of novel technologies, such as Near-field Communications (NFC) and Global Positioning System (GPS) in mobile devices, to assist a security company in two main business processes. In order to evaluate the mobile application's achievement with respect to its envisioned business process optimization, a user study with variants of the mobile application will be designed, conducted, and reported — facilitating a comparison of the situation before introducing the mobile application (reference system) and the IT-supported business process achievement after introducing the mobile application.

Final Report

20% design, 40% implementation, 30% evaluation, 10% documentation
Java, Android development, study design

Supervisors: Prof. Dr. Burkhard Stiller, Dr. Thomas Bocek

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