Investigation and Documentation of Economic Network Management Approaches for Overlay Networks and Systems

State: completed by Franziska Wirz

This work will investigate, document, and compare approaches on Economic Traffic Management (ETM) mechanisms for overlay networks and systems. It includes the reading of known material and so far unlisted/unknown material to be searched for. The thesis needs to bring ETM into the model to achieve a win-win situation for both roles: providers gain an optimized traffic or a lower cost, users gain a better performance or a lower price.

The thesis has to define, describe, and analyze the set of comparing dimensions, viable and valid technical as well as economic concerns, and efficiency/scalability orders. The following aspects (listed without any order and non complete) need to be addressed (besides other ones to be identified during the thesis).

Furthermore, the thesis will visualize (graphically) and describe all statements, scenarios, systems, and proposals.

Final Report

70% Research, 30% Design

Supervisors: Prof. Dr. Burkhard Stiller

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