Final Presentation


- Presentations are individual.
- Prepare a talk of 10 minutes, after each talk there will be room for questions.
- The presentation must include the following:
  - A cover slide (title, name, date, Communications Systems Lab Course, IFI, UZH)
  - 6-8 content slides.
  - A conclusion slide.

  - Focus on the core of the topic, do not waste time introducing basics.


  • Deadline for topic selection is the 19.11.2019. The order of presentations will be distributed as soon as all the topics were assigned.
  • Topic conflicts: usually a topic can be split in two parts, we will contact participants individually to solve conflicts.
  • Send your slides until Monday morning before the presentation (e.g. 09:00 25.11.2019 or 09:00 02.12.2019) as Power Point, Open Office Document or PDF. We will provide a laptop and presenter tool for the presentations. 
  • Presentation Dates: will happen over two dates (26.11 and 03.12). Dates for each presentation will be announced as soon as the topics were assigned.


  • Active participation in the presentation sessions is part of the requirements to successfully complete this course and receive the ECTS. Thus, students have to be present at both presentation dates, even if they are not giving the talk.
  • If students miss a presentation session they have to hand in a written report detailing the presented topic. The report must cover 4 pages written in 2 column IEEE template ( e.g. in LaTex: \documentclass[10pt, conference]{IEEEtran}) handed in by the day of the recap date (17.12).


To request a topic send an email to the supervisors. Topics will be assigned according to FCFS. Also, it is possible to suggest topics as long as they are related to any of the content given in the lab and are not conflicting with the list below.

Obs: it is possible to select two or more topics under the same subject, for example, Blockchain Security, Blockchain Scalability, etc.

  1. a) Blockchain and Smart Contracts / b) Smart Contracts Applications
  2. BOOTP and DHCP protocol
  3. a) Domain Name System  (DNS) / b) DNS over HTTPS (DoH)
  4. a) Software-Defined Networks - Basics and Applications / b) Network Function Virtualization
  5. Virtual LANs - 802.1q
  6. Tunneling Protocols
  7. Honeypot - Principles and Applications
  8. Network QoS Support in Linux
  9. IPv6 Overview and IPv6 Addressing (IPv6 Header, features, address types, scopes etc.)
  10. Neighbor Discovery in IPv6 and ICMPv6 (Auto-configuration, Router/Prefix Discovery, Address Resolution, DAD etc.)
  11. Public Key Infrastructure and Certificates
  12. Routing Overview (what is routing, distance vector vs. link state, intra-domain vs. inter-domain etc.)
  13. Firewalling and NAT in Linux with Iptables
  14. Multicasting and the IGMP Protocol
  15. Virtual Private Networks
  16. IPSec
  17. VoIP
  18. Web Application Vulnerabilities
  19. You can suggest a topic (send an e-mail to the supervisors to be confirmed)

Assigned Topics


Topic # Name
State of BGP in 2019 Jan von der Assen
DNS Erion Sula
Smart Contract Applications (DApps) Ananya Pandya
Blockchains and Smart Contracts Saiteja Reddy Pottanigari
VoIP Oliver Brennwald
Virtual Private Networks Alex Scheitlin
DNS over HTTPS Moritz Eck
Web Application Vulnerabilities Ivo Indergand
Honeypot - Principles and Applications William Martini
Blockchain Economics Ourania Charvalou
IPv6 Overview and IPv6 Addressing Ile Cepilov
Public Key Infrastructure and Certificates Josua Fröhlich
IPSec Mervin Cheok
Tunneling Protocols Patrick Muntwyler

Firewalling and NAT in Linux with Iptables

Massimo Bertocchi
Routing Overview Laura Toedtli
Wireless Vulnerabilities Badrie Persaud

Virtual LANs - 802.1q

David Pinezich
TOR - Onion Routing Nik Zaugg
The DAO Hack Bill Bosshard

 BOOTP and DHCP protocol

Artemis Kardara
TCP Hole punching Luca Lapanashvili
Networking in Kubernetes Patrick Dueggelin



Order Date Name Start Time (approx.)
1st Presentation Day
1 26.11 Jan Von der Assen 14:10
2 26.11 Moritz Eck 14:20
3 26.11 Ananya Pandya 14:30
4 26.11 Saiteja Pottanigari 14:40
5 26.11 William Martini 14:50
6 26.11 Oliver Brennwald 15:20
7 26.11 Josua Fröhlich 15:30
8 26.11 Massimo Bertocchi 15:40
9 26.11 Badrie Persaud 15:50
10 26.11 Luca Lapanashvili 16:00
11 26.11 Patrick Dueggelin 16:10
12 03.12 Arthemis Kardara


13 03.12 Laura Toedtli 14:20
14 03.12 Erion Sula 14:30
15 03.12 Ourania Charvalou 14:40
16 03.12 Bill Bosshard 14:50
17 03.12 Ivo Indergand 15:20
18 03.12 Mervin Cheok 15:30
19 03.12 Ile Cepilov 15:40
20 03.12 Alex Scheitlin 15:50
21 03.12 Nik Zaugg 16:00
22 03.12 Patrick Muntwyler 16:10
23 03.12 David Pinezich 16:20
24 03.12