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Department of Informatics - Communication Systems Group


The full seminar report is published in PDF format as IFI Technical Report upon seminar finalization. Presentations slides are published a per-topic basis as listed in the following table in beginning 2018.


Talk Title Student Supervisor
01 Vulnerabilities, Defence Strategies, and their Economic Consequences for Constrained Networks (PDF, 564 KB) Flavio Keller, Cyrill Halter, Jonas Rigter, Madeleine von Heyl Corinna Schmitt
02 Economic and Political Consequences in Adapting Electronic Voting (PDF, 3 MB) Timo Hegnauer, Celine Spillmann, Mirko Richter, Linda Sawsinger Thomas Bocek
03 Tax, Financial, Social Regulations and Blockchains — Fog Computing for an Efficient Approach (PDF, 9 MB) Valentin Weiss, Jaroslaw Kusnierz, Sukirthan Sundaralingam, Cristian De Iaco Sina Rafati
04 Economic Aspects of an ICT Education (PDF, 3 MB) Dominik Vägi, Katyayani Singh, Mathias Lüthi, Oliver Brennwald Patrick Poullie
05 A Technical View on ICOs for Funding Start-ups (PDF, 2 MB) Claudia Vogel, Florian Fuchs, Jasmin Ebner, Alex Scheit Thomas Bocek
06 Attack Models in the Internet of Things (PDF, 2 MB) Moritz Eck, Fabrizio Füchslin, Michael Ziörjen, Nik Zaugg Corinna Schmitt
07 Overview of Bots and Botnets — Definition, Characteristics, and Challenges (PDF, 6 MB) Chris Herzog, David Bolli, Florian Schüpfer, Stephan Mannart Bruno Rodrigues
08 Comparative Analysis of Transaction Validation Cost in Blockchains (PDF, 2 MB) Pedro Varato, Simon Widmes, Daniel Klaus, Karen Abraham Sina Rafati
09 Social and Technological Requirements for building an Anti-DDoS Alliance (PDF, 1 MB) David Lay, Lukas Enggist, Nico Strebel, Ivan Taraca Bruno Rodrigues
10 Comparative Overview on Crypto-currencies as Financial Assets (PDF, 3 MB) Bhargav Bhatt, Ananya Pandya, Simon Müller, Vasileios Koukoutsas Sina Rafati

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