Technical Report

The full seminar report has been published in PDF format as IFI Technical Report IFI-2016.01 (PDF, 8 MB) upon seminar finalization. Presentations slides are published a per-topic basis as listed in the following table.

Talk Title Student Supervisor
0* Certificates Andres Baumeler, Noah Zani, Tim Strasser Corinna Schmitt
1 Security Policy (PDF, 1 MB) Reconfiguration Solutions in Wireless Sensor Networks (PDF, 1 MB) Raphael Ochsenbein, Sanjiv Subodhnarayan Iha, Anastasia Ruvimova Corinna Schmitt
2 Private Clouds: Technology and Deployment (PDF, 711 KB) Elfat Esati, Geetha Parangi, Linda Diep Patrick Poullie
3 VANET Services on the Road: A Contrary Perspective of VANET Services (PDF, 2 MB) Sascha Gabler, Jens Hinkelmann, Arlind Bejta Lisa Kristiana
4 Socioeconomic Impact of Missing Parking Availability Information (PDF, 5 MB) Sacha Uhlmann, Stefan Bublitz, Adriano Meyer Broyn Christos Tsiaras
5 Watermarking in Sensor Data Sets (PDF, 1 MB) Romana Pernischova, Manuel Schlegel, Melina Mast Corinna Schmitt
6 Applying Social Network Analysis (SNA) to P2P File (PDF, 5 MB) Robin Stohlen, Benjamin Bürgisser, Andreas Schaufelbühl Andri Lareida
7 How to Get Users to Use CoinBlesk (PDF, 1 MB) Cyrus Einsele, Mervin Cheok, Patrick Widmer Thomas Bocek

* This talk is included in the seminar report as Talk 8.