666 - Communication Systems Lab Course (PR)

Reader: Prof. Dr. Burkhard Stiller
Assistants: Dr. Thomas Bocek, Andri Lareida, Christos Tsiaras
ECTS Points: 4
Lecture: Tuesday 13:00-16:00 (without break)
Location: BIN 1.D.12 (Lectures and Exam)
Exam: TBA


During this lab course students study the setup and configuration of wired and wireless IP networks. Additionally, the operation of selected applications are analyzed in WLAN networks in order to identify application requirements in wireless environments. Both Windows and Linux are used as underlying operating systems. In this lab course, students have to solve exercises on different topics. The solutions are discussed and prepared in groups by the students.

The lab course will be run at multiple days, where each of them will contain a certain topic and task. The respective task descriptions will be handed out before the date, at which the practical task will be done, pre-prepared by the student in terms of a theoretical exercise beforehand at home. Typically, students will work on their own or in groups (depending on the level of interest in this lab course), which solve the tasks on their own. At the last date during the fall term, each student will be required to give a presentation on a subject in the context of the seminar to show that the topics studied can be recapitulated activel

The key requirements for a successful participation in the lab course Communication Systems include:

  • To participate at all lab session dates
  • To solve the tasks successfully and fulfill all exercises
  • To give the final presentation (15 minutes)

In case of a miss of a date due to an emerging reason, the Mob Sys supervisors will try to find a separate date to make good of the missed parts.


The practical course is to strengthen and deepen the knowledge within the range of the communication systems by practical tasks.

The tasks include a.o. topics about:

  • Network protocols
  • ISO/OSI protocol stack
  • Setup and configuration of a WLAN network
  • Network protocols DHCP and DNS
  • IP routing
  • Security, firewaling, virtual private network (VPN)
  • QoS and Voice-over-IP (VoIP).


The lecture "Communication Systems" as well as "Mobile Communication Systems" is recommended highly, but formally not mandatory, in case of a personal dedication to get hold of those basics on the student's own will.

Course Material

Literature will be announced in the lecture. Details on the exercises can be found "Labs".


The information contained on this page complements the official page at the "Vorlesungsverzeichnisses (VVZ)". In case of doubt, the official information from the VVZ is always considered valid.