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The slides  (PDF, 856 KB)shown during the seminar introduction summarize important thematic and organizational aspects of this seminar. Consider in addition the following material:

  • Guideline (in German) to write a written seminar report (PDF, 192 KB)* (A new version will appear soon.): This document contains on just two pages a summary of the most relevant information on how to structure a report, on style in writing, and on the rules of how to reference and cite in a correct as well as complete way. All students are required to take these guidelines carefully into account when preparing the seminar report..
  • Seminar procedures (PDF, 209 KB): This document lists seminar procedures such as delivery deadlines or requirements on moderated discussions. Students have to fulfill all mandatory criteria mentioned in the PDF and they have to be present in all (minus one) seminar dates in order to pass the seminar.
  • For the seminar report, a LaTeX template (ZIP, 330 KB)* is provided. Its use is mandatory.


The detailed description for the subsequently listed seminar topics is made available for download in PDF format here (PDF, 324 KB)

Talk Title Student / Speaker Supervisor Date
1 “An Overview of Swiss Cyber Infrastructures from a Security Perspective” Getoar Gallopeni, Marc Zwimpfer, Matej Jakovljevic, Louis Bienz Bruno Rodrigues 07.03.2019
2 “Approaches and Challenges in Blockchain Scalability” Catharina Dekker, Nathalie Torrent, Luka Popovic, Mesut Ceylan Christian Killer 14.03.2019
3 “An Analytical Study of ERP Systems in the Supply Chain Industry”

Ramon Huber, Hülya Huesler, Moritz Wittwer

Sina Rafati 21.03.2019
4 “On the Legal Validity of Blockchain-based Smart Contracts” Fabian Kueffer, Kilian Werder, Pascal Kiechl, Lukas Mueller Eder Scheid 28.03.2019
5 “Techniques and Strategies to Stimulate Cooperation in Competitive Environments” Dominik Bünzli, Han-mi Nguyen Bruno Rodrigues 04.04.2019
6 “Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) in Smart Cities”

Lawand Muhamad, Can Inan, Atif Ghulam

Muriel Franco 11.04.2019
7 “Investigating the Blockchain Technology in the Context of Cybersecurity”

Roland Schläfli, Pascal Zehnder, Lenz Baumann, Silas Weber

Eder Scheid 02.05.2019
8 “The Hyperledger Fabric” Claude Müller, Karim Abou, Danijel Dordevic, Lucas Thorbecke Sina Rafati 09.05.2019
9 “An Overview of Information Visualization for Data Exploring in Blockchain Universe” Tim Grimm, Basil Fuchs, Severin Wullschleger, Jeremy Kubrak Muriel Franco 16.05.2019
10 “Evaluation and Comparison of Blockchain Consensus Algorithms” Marc Laville, Özgür Güler, Spasen Trendafilov, Joel Barmetler Christian Killer 23.05.2019

* These files can be downloaded from within the university network. Please use a VPN client from outside the university network.

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