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Department of Informatics - Communication Systems Group

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Subscribable on-line calendar for seminars in the Communication Systems Group:

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The slides (PDF, 1 MB) shown during the seminar introduction summarize important thematic and organizational aspects of this seminar. Consider in addition the following material:

  • Guideline (in German) to write a written seminar report (PDF, 157 KB)* (A new version will appear soon.): This document contains on just two pages a summary of the most relevant information on how to structure a report, on style in writing, and on the rules of how to reference and cite in a correct as well as complete way. All students are required to take these guidelines carefully into account when preparing the seminar report..
  • Seminar procedures (PDF, 192 KB): This document lists seminar procedures such as delivery deadlines or requirements on moderated discussions. Students have to fulfill all mandatory criteria mentioned in the PDF and they have to be present in all (minus one) seminar dates in order to pass the seminar.
  • For the seminar report, a LaTeX template (ZIP, 330 KB)* is provided. Its use is mandatory.


The detailed description for the subsequently listed seminar topics is made available for download in PDF format here (PDF, 275 KB)

Talk Title Student / Speaker Supervisor Date

SLAs and Smart Contracts: A Feasibility Study

Kristin Schläpfer

Eder Scheid



Network Neutrality Laws: The Swiss Case Study

Cynthia Aludogbu, 
Kate Gadola
Eder Scheid 12.04.2018

Requirements and Challenges for Blockchain Governance

Lucas Pelloni, 
Erion Sula

Bruno Rodrigues



Advanced Message Queuing Protocol as a Communication Protocol Standard for IoT

Maciej Lebiedz Corinna Schmitt 26.04.2018

Introduction to IoT Use Cases With an Evaluation of Integration Possibilities with Blockchains

Anna Götz, 
Cyrill Halter
Sina Rafati 03.05.2018

An Overview of Emerging Wireless Communication Systems in 5G

Bhargav Jatinkumar Bhatt

Ananya Pandya

Sina Rafati 17.05.2018

Overview and Use Cases of Blockchain Interoperability

Vasileios Koukoutsas, 
Te Tan
Bruno Rodrigues 24.05.2018

Commonalities of Network Function Virtualization, Blockchains, and Smart Contracts

Manuael Keller Eder Scheid 31.05.2018

* These files can be downloaded from within the university network. Please use a VPN client from outside the university network.

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