The full seminar report has been published in PDF format as IFI Technical Report IFI-2016.05 (PDF, 3 MB) upon seminar finalization. Presentations slides are published a per-topic basis as listed in the following table in June 2016.

Talk Title Student Supervisor
1 AAA Support by the RADIUS and the Diameter Protocol (PDF, 562 KB) Ahana Mallik Corinna Schmitt
2 Let’s Encrypt — A New Kind of Certification Authority (PDF, 2 MB) Kürsat Aydinli Thomas Bocek
3 Distributed Graph Storage (PDF, 1 MB) Veronika Molnar Andri Lareida
4 The Breaching of Cloud SLAs: Why it Happens and How to Prove it free Patrick Poullie
5 The Wi-Fi Feasibility in Vehicular Ad-hoc Network (PDF, 1 MB) Yury Belerskiy Lisa Kristiana
6 TCP/IP Use in Wireless Sensor Networks (PDF, 1 MB) Livio Sgier Corinna Schmitt
7 Managing Clusters on Hardware Level (PDF, 1 MB) Alena Zwahlen Andri Lareida
8 The Legal Situation of Illegal Content Distribution (PDF, 7 MB) Francesca Monzeglio Patrick Poullie
9 Smart Contracts (Etherum) free Thomas Bocek
10 Device-to-device Communication Research Trends: Applications and Challenges free Lisa Kristiana