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Department of Informatics - Communication Systems Group

Timing and Organization


The slides (PDF, 472 KB) will be shown in the introduction session, summarize important thematic and organizational aspects of this seminar. Please consider, in addition, the following information and material:

  • Guideline to write a seminar report (PDF, 157 KB)*: This document contains just two pages of text the most important information on how to structure a written seminar report, the key points of style in writing such a document, and essentials on the correct use of references and citations. All students are required to carefully consider these guidelines when compiling the written seminar report.
  • Seminar requirements and guidelines (PDF, 499 KB): This document contains all requirements to be met for a successful participation in the seminar. Note that all deadlines and requirements have to be met. Especially, you need to be physically attending the seminar at all minus one date.
  • For the written seminar report, the use of the provided LaTeX template (ZIP, 330 KB) is mandatory.

Since this seminar's background runs with the debated topic of the future of the Internet, security, and economic impacts, the following three papers provide an impression of different approaches and viewpoints regarding the Future Internet and its design principles. The Stanford University paper (PDF, 111 KB) presents a so-called clean-slate approach to the Future Internet, meaning a revolutionary rather than an evolutionary approach. The FIArch (Future Internet Architecture Working Group) paper (PDF, 100 KB) collects fundamental limitations of the current Internet, while the ITU-T Recommendation Y.3001 (PDF, 241 KB) outlines a collection of high-level objectives and design goals for future networks. Understand that these papers are highly selective out of many more.


Talk Title Student Supervisor Date
02 An Economic Analysis of Ransomware Attacks: Should Companies Pay Attackers or Not? Mark Rüetschi Muriel Franco October 20
XX Sustainable Cybersecurity: Toward a Secure and Sustainable Cyber Ecosystem open Chao Feng (open
XX The Internet of the Battlefield of Things (IoBT): Novelties and Economic Impact open Dr. Alberto Huertas (open
XX Design Options for Decentralized Finance (DeFi) Protocols open Krzysztof Gogol (open)
05 Cryptocurrency Scams: Overview and Classification Dominic Vogel Dr. Eder Scheid November 10
06 On the Security of Processes: An Overview of Business Process Comprise (BPC) Attacks Jasmin Hochuli Jan von der Assen November 17
01 New Means of Communication — Sending Emotions through Networks Jordi Küffer Dr. Eryk Schiller November 24
08 An Overview into Pulse-Wave DDoS Attacks Aleksandar Ristic Dr. Bruno Rodrigues December 1
09 How does Public Trust Affect the Economic Value of IoT Products? Tram Katharina Müller December 8
10 Cyber War: Economic Impacts, Attribution, and Past Incidents open Christian Killer (open

* These files can only be downloaded from within the university's network. Please use a VPN client when accessing from outside.

* The description of each topic is available here (PDF, 315 KB).

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