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Department of Informatics - Communication Systems Group


The full seminar report is published in PDF format as IFI Technical Report upon seminar finalization. Presentations slides are published on a per-topic basis as listed in the following table.


Talk Title Student


01 New Means of Communication — Sending Emotions through Networks (PDF, 130 MB) Jordi Küffer Dr. Eryk Schiller
02 The Internet of the Battlefield of Things (IoBT): Novelties and Economic Impact TBA Dr. Alberto Huertas
03 An Economic Analysis of Ransomware Attacks: Should Companies Pay Attackers or Not? (PDF, 976 KB) Mark Rüetschi Muriel Franco
04 Design Options for Decentralized Finance (DeFi) Protocols TBA Krzysztof Gogol
05 Cryptocurrency Scams: Overview and Classification (PDF, 1 MB) Dominic Vogel Dr. Eder Scheid
06 On the Security of Processes: An Overview of Business Process Comprise (BPC) Attacks (PDF, 714 KB) Jasmin Hochuli Jan von der Assen
07 Sustainable Cybersecurity: Toward a Secure and Sustainable Cyber Ecosystem TBA Chao Feng
08 An Overview into Pulse-Wave DDoS Attacks (PDF, 2 MB) Aleksandar Ristic Dr. Bruno Rodrigues
09 How does Public Trust Affect the Economic Value of IoT Products? (PDF, 1 MB) Tram Vo Katharina Müller
10 Cyber War: Economic Impacts, Attribution, and Past Incidents TBA Christian Killer

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