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M00-1up.pdf (PDF, 666 KB)

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29.09.2021 M02-1up.pdf (PDF, 335 KB) M02-6up.pdf (PDF, 722 KB) M02 High Speed Networks
06.10.2021 M03-1up.pdf (PDF, 443 KB) M03-6up.pdf (PDF, 698 KB) M03 High-speed Optical Networks
13.10.2021 M04-1up.pdf (PDF, 993 KB) M04-6up.pdf (PDF, 811 KB) M04 Passive Optical Network
20.10.2021 M05-1up.pdf (PDF, 447 KB) M05-6up.pdf (PDF, 652 KB) M05 ATM and ADSL
27.10.2021 M06-1up.pdf (PDF, 1 MB) M06-6up.pdf (PDF, 913 KB) M06 IP Technology, Overlays, and MPLS
03.11.2021 M07-1up.pdf (PDF, 429 KB) M07-6up.pdf (PDF, 746 KB) M07 QoS Basics and Modeling
10.11.2021 M08-1up.pdf (PDF, 379 KB) M08-6up.pdf (PDF, 693 KB) M08 QoS Methods
17.11.2021 M09-1up (PDF, 1 MB) M09-6up (PDF, 1 MB) M09 (QoS) Monitoring
24.11.2021 M10-1up (PDF, 364 KB) M10-6up (PDF, 643 KB) M10 Operations Management
01.12.2021 M11-1up (PDF, 1 MB) M11-6up (PDF, 1 MB) M11 Transport Protocols
08.12.2021 M12-1up (PDF, 908 KB) M12-6up (PDF, 659 KB) M12 Optimized Transport
15.12.2021 M13-1up (PDF, 2 MB) M13-6up (PDF, 1 MB) M13 Messaging and Overlays
22.12.2021 M14-1up (PDF, 1 MB) M14-6up (PDF, 1 MB) M14 Software-Defined Networks (SDN)

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