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16.09.2020 M0-1up (PDF, 530 KB) M0-6up (PDF, 323 KB) M0 Lecture Introduction
16.09.2020 M1-1up (PDF, 849 KB) M1-6up (PDF, 1 MB) M1 Basics and Principles
30.09.2020 M2-1up (PDF, 2 MB) M2-6up (PDF, 3 MB) M2 High Speed Technologies
21.10.2020 M3-1up (PDF, 1 MB) M3-6up (PDF, 1 MB) M3 Quality-of-Service (QoS)
04.11.2020 M4-1up (PDF, 10 MB) M4-6up (PDF, 10 MB) M4 Multimedia Protocols
16.11.2020 M5-1up (PDF, 687 KB) M5-6up (PDF, 1 MB) M5 Internet Economics

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