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Department of Informatics - Communication Systems Group

03SM22BMI008 - Mobile Communication Systems

Reader(s): Prof. Dr. Burkhard StillerDr. Eryk Schiller,Dr. Alberto Huertas
Assistants: Dr. Muriel Franco, Dr. Eryk Schiller,Dr. Alberto Huertas
ECTS Points: 6
Lecture : Wednesdays 08:15-09:45 (without a break), starting 22.02.2023
Exercises: Wednesdays 10:00-11:30 (without a break), starting 22.02.2023
Room: BIN-2.A.10 (Seminarraum)
Exam: 21.06.2023, 10:15-11:15 hours (Closed book) in AND-3-02/06


This lecture's goals encompass the gaining of knowledge of principles and protocols for wireless and mobile communications. While telecommunications and Internet aspects are of utmost importance, their integration and future needs are discussed. Thus, respective protocol details and technology aspects for mobile and wireless communications will be covered.


Based on the basic knowledge on communication systems as well as distributed systems the specifics of communications in the wireless and mobile domain are addressed. Those include technical basics, media access schemes, and signals. In a more detailed view mobile and wireless telecommunication systems are discussed, which include GSM, UMTS, satellites, and radio. The Local Area Network is addressed in terms of WLAN technology, bluetooth, and some further examples. The development of these systems into an Internet usage is shown by discussing Mobile IP as well as mobile transport protocols. Finally, mobility support for wireless transactions and file systems as well as deployed technology scenarios are discussed.


The lecture on "Communication Systems and Distributed Systems (CNDS)" is highly recommended. Note that "Computer Engineering and Systems Software (CESS)" would give selected areas of background wrt hardware in use.

Course Material

Literature will be announced in the lecture. Lecture slides and additional material can be found here. Details on the exercises can be found here.


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