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Exercise Hand-out Date Responsible Exercise Discussion Remarks
Exercise 01 (PDF, 268 KB) 23.02.2021 Bruno Rodrigues 25.02.2021

- Due date: 04.03.2021

- Exercises organization

- OS Introduction and basic C exercises

Exercise 02 (PDF, 263 KB) 03.03.2021 Bruno Rodrigues 11.02.2021

- Due date: 10.03.2021 (latest by midnight)

- Operating Systems Structures

- System Calls

- File system

- Practical exercise not mandatory

Exercise 03 (PDF, 287 KB) 11.03.2021 Bruno Rodrigues 18.03.2021

- Due date: 17.03.2021 (latest by midnight)

- Processes and IPC

Exercises 04 and 05 (PDF, 282 KB) 18.03.2021 Bruno Rodrigues 25.03.2021

- Due date: 24.03.2021 (latest by midnight)

- Threads and Scheduling

Exercise 06 (PDF, 247 KB) 26.03.2021 Bruno Rodrigues 01.04.2021

- Due date: 31.03.2021 (latest by midnight)


Exercise 07 and 08 (PDF, 277 KB) 06.04.2021 Bruno Rodrigues 15.04.2021

- Due date:
14.04.2021 (latest by midnight)

- Deadlock and Memory Management

Exercise 09 (PDF, 225 KB) 15.04.2021 Rafael Ribeiro 22.04.2021

- Due date:
21.04.2021 (latest by midnight)

- Virtual Memory

Exercise 10 (PDF, 274 KB) 29.04.2021 Rafael Ribeiro 06.05.2021

- Due date:
05.05.2021 (latest by midnight)

- Distributed systems

- Practical exercise on Java Threads (not mandatory)

Exercise 11 and 12 (PDF, 239 KB) 06.05.2021 Rafael Ribeiro 20.05.2021

- Due date:
19.05.2021 (latest by midnight)

- Naming and Distributed File Systems

Exercise 13 (PDF, 291 KB) 20.05.2021 Rafael Ribeiro 27.05.2021

- Due date:
26.05.2021 (latest by midnight)

- Synchronization and Coordination

- Practical exercises on Java synchronized (not mandatory)

Exercise 14 (PDF, 310 KB) 27.05.2021 Rafael Ribeiro 03.06.2021

- Due date:
02.06.2021 (latest by midnight)

- Security in Distributed Systems

- Practical exercises on Java RMI (not mandatory)

Further information:

- Discussions are on Thursdays 8:15, 9:45



The files provided below may only be downloaded from a subnetwork of the University of Zurich's network. Thus, please use a VPN client from the outside. Information on the VPN setup can be found here.

An exercise sheet mostly addresses the content of that day's lecture. After the release, at least one week is available to complete the exercise and submit the solution. Submission is made via e-mail (see below). The exercise is discussed in the exercise session of the day after the submission deadline. Therefore, solutions have to be submitted before the beginning of the exercise session. 

Exercises of this lecture are determinant for all students who want to achieve successful participation in the written exam. In order to judge individual understandings of exercise contents, tutors may ask students at any time and unexpected to present their solution. In order to be admitted to the final written exam, every student has to fulfill the following requirements:

  • Preparation and Submission of at least 75% of exercise sheets during the semester, before their respective deadline.
  • Each submitted answer for the exercises should be complete and meet a proper level of quality.
  • Attend in the exercise sessions.
  • Present solutions when requested during the exercise sessions.

In case the requirements of the exercise do not be met by students (i.e., not submit at least 75% of the proposed exercises), a reduction of 10% in the final grade will be made. In addition, students that submit all of the proposed exercises throughout the semester AND attend all exercise sessions will receive a bonus of 10% in the final grade. The correct answers for the exercises will be provided and discussed during the exercise class. Therefore, individual feedback will not be provided.

Please send a PDF file with your solutions to both exercises coordinators (Bruno Rodrigues, Rafael Ribeiro or Sina Rafati) the Thursday before the exercise discussion. Depending on their solution, students might be asked in exercise sessions to present parts of it. At justified absence (illness or conscription/WK), students shall contact the tutor and hand in an official confirmation (e.g., attestation, march order).

Do not forget to add into your submission your full name, e-mail address, and your matriculation number.