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Slides 1-up Slides 6-up Module Content (keyword(s))

M00-1up (PDF, 124 KB)

M01-1up (PDF, 993 KB)

M00-6up (PDF, 218 KB)

M01-6up (PDF, 1 MB)





03.03.2021 M02-1up (PDF, 2 MB) M02-6up (PDF, 2 MB) M02 Wireless Transmission
10.03.2021 M03-1up (PDF, 1 MB) M03-6up (PDF, 963 KB) M03 Media Access
17.03.2021 M04-1up (PDF, 7 MB) M04-6up (PDF, 5 MB) M04 Wireless Systems
14.04.2021 M05-1up (PDF, 2 MB) M05-6up (PDF, 1 MB) M05 Satellite Systems
14. + 21.04.2021 M06-1up (PDF, 3 MB) M06-6up (PDF, 1 MB) M06

Broadcast Systems

21. + 28.04.2021

M07-1up (PDF, 2 MB) M07-6up (PDF, 3 MB) M07 Wireless Local Area Networks
05.05.2021 M08-1up (PDF, 3 MB) M08-6up (PDF, 2 MB) M08 Internet-of-Things
12. + 19.05.2021 M09-1up (PDF, 4 MB) M09-6up (PDF, 3 MB) M09 Communication Standards in IoT
26.05.2021 M10-1up (PDF, 617 KB) M10-6up (PDF, 912 KB) M10 Network Protocols and Mobile IP

M11-1up (PDF, 291 KB)

M12-1up (PDF, 2 MB)

M12-1up (PDF, 2 MB)

M12-6up (PDF, 1019 KB)

M11, M12 Mobile Transport Layer, Outlook


Complementary Reading

Date Title Relation to Module Keywords
17.03.2021 LTE Technology Introduction (PDF, 9 MB) M4 Network, Architecture
24.03.2021 A Survey of 5G (PDF, 20 MB) M4 Network, Architecture, Technologies
31.03.2021 6G Vision and Requirements (PDF, 2 MB) M4 Ideas, Requirements
31.03.2021 TETRA Overview (PDF, 566 KB) M4 Network, Architecture
31.03.2021 A Survey on beyond 5G toward 6G (PDF, 3 MB) M4 Architecture, Technology

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