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The slides (PDF, 1 MB) shown during the seminar introduction summarize important thematic and organizational aspects of this seminar. Consider in addition the following material:

  • Guideline (in German) to write a written seminar report (PDF, 192 KB)* (A new version will appear soon.): This document contains on just two pages a summary of the most relevant information on how to structure a report, on style in writing, and on the rules of how to reference and cite in a correct as well as complete way. All students are required to take these guidelines carefully into account when preparing the seminar report..
  • Seminar procedures (PDF, 267 KB): This document lists seminar procedures such as delivery deadlines or requirements on moderated discussions. Students have to fulfill all mandatory criteria mentioned in the PDF and they have to be present in all (minus one) seminar dates in order to pass the seminar.
  • For the seminar report, a LaTeX template (ZIP, 330 KB)* is provided. Its use is mandatory.


The detailed description for the subsequently listed seminar topics is made available for download in PDF format here (PDF, 299 KB)

Talk Title Student / Speaker Supervisor Date
1 Electronic Identity: Risk or Opportunity for Digital Authentication? Niels Kübler Christian Killer March 4
2 Overview of Inter-banking Communication Platforms N/A Sina Rafati N/A
3 Cybersecurity in Beyond 5G: Use Cases, Current Approaches, Trends, and Challenges Tim Brunner Alberto Huertas March 18
4 Current Vision of 6G Networks: Exploring Machine Learning, Holographic Communications, and Ubiquitous Connectivity Konstantin Moser Eryk Schiller March 25
5 Natural Language Intents for Network Management: Current Status, Opportunities and Challenges N/A Rafael Ribeiro N/A
6 An Overview of Educational Cyber Range Solutions: Technologies and Use Cases N/A Eder Scheid N/A
7 A Survey on Quantum Communication Networks Norina Braun Muriel Franco April 22
8 An Overview into the InterPlanetary File System (IPFS): Use Cases, Advantages, and Drawbacks Christian Bieri Bruno Rodrigues April 29
9 Machine Learning for Network Management: Current Status and Possible Research Directions Ivana Mesic Eder Scheid May 6
10 A Survey on Anonymization Techniques for Blockchain Transactions Maximilian Achakri Rafael Ribeiro May 20
11 Software-Defined Networking (SDN) and Cybersecurity: The Current Scenario, Opportunities, and Challenges Julius Willems Muriel Franco May 27
12 Detection and Analysis Methods for Fake News Dario Akhavan Safa Christian Killer June 3

* These files can be downloaded from within the university network. Please use a VPN client from outside the university network.