The full seminar report is published in PDF format as IFI Technical Report upon seminar finalization. Presentations slides are published on a per-topic basis as listed in the following table in June 2021.


Talk Title Student / Speaker Supervisor Presentation Date
Talk 1 (PDF, 1 MB) Electronic Identity: Risk or Opportunity for Digital Authentication? Niels Kübler Christian Killer March 4
Talk 2 Overview of Inter-banking Communication Platforms N/A Sina Rafati N/A
Talk 3 (PDF, 1 MB) Cybersecurity in Beyond 5G: Use Cases, Current Approaches, Trends, and Challenges Tim Brunner Alberto Huertas March 18
Talk 4 (PDF, 1 MB) Current Vision of 6G Networks: Exploring Machine Learning, Holographic Communications, and Ubiquitous Connectivity Konstantin Moser Eryk Schiller March 25
Talk 5 Natural Language Intents for Network Management: Current Status, Opportunities and Challenges N/A Rafael Ribeiro N/A
Talk 6 An Overview of Educational Cyber Range Solutions: Technologies and Use Cases N/A Eder Scheid N/A
Talk 7 (PDF, 3 MB) A Survey on Quantum Communication Networks Norina Braun Muriel Franco April 22
Talk 8 (PDF, 7 MB) An Overview into the InterPlanetary File System (IPFS): Use Cases, Advantages, and Drawbacks Christian Bieri Bruno Rodrigues April 29
Talk 9 (PDF, 1 MB) Machine Learning for Network Management: Current Status and Possible Research Directions Ivana Mesic Eder Scheid May 6
Talk 10 (PDF, 1 MB) A Survey on Anonymization Techniques for Blockchain Transactions Maximilian Achakri Rafael Ribeiro May 20
Talk 11 (PDF, 834 KB) Software-Defined Networking (SDN) and Cybersecurity: The Current Scenario, Opportunities, and Challenges Julius Willems Muriel Franco May 27
Talk 12 (PDF, 2 MB) Detection and Analysis Methods for Fake News Dario Akhavan Safa Christian Killer June 3