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Department of Informatics - Communication Systems Group

Lecture Material

SSDS Material

Lecture Date Slides 1-up Slides 6-up Module Content (keyword(s))
18.02.2020 M0-1up (PDF, 141 KB) M0-6up (PDF, 216 KB) M0 Course organization
18.02.2020 M1-1up (PDF, 922 KB) M1-6up (PDF, 1 MB) M1 OS Introduction
25.02.2020 M2-1up (PDF, 2 MB) M2-6up (PDF, 1 MB) M2 OS Structures
03.03.2020 M3-1up (PDF, 1002 KB) M3-6up (PDF, 1 MB) M3 Processes and IPC
10.03.2020 M4-1up (PDF, 423 KB) M4-6up (PDF, 432 KB) M4 Threads
10.03.2020 M5-1up (PDF, 718 KB) M5-6up (PDF, 701 KB) M5 Scheduling
17.03.2020 Tele-1up (PDF, 75 KB) Tele-6up (PDF, 117 KB) M0 Tele-teaching
17.03.2020 M6-1up (PDF, 338 KB) M6-6up (PDF, 732 KB) M6 Synchronization
24.03.2020 M7-1up (PDF, 508 KB) M7-6up (PDF, 760 KB) M7 Deadlocks
31.03.2020 M8-1up (PDF, 964 KB) M8-6up (PDF, 1 MB) M8 Memory Management
05.04.2020 M9-1up (PDF, 1 MB) M9-6up (PDF, 1 MB) M9 Virtual Memory
21.04.2020 M10-1up (PDF, 2 MB) M10-6up (PDF, 887 KB) M10 Distributed Systems

M11-1up (PDF, 961 KB)

M12-1up (PDF, 312 KB)

M11-6up (PDF, 468 KB)

M12-6up (PDF, 588 KB)




Distributed File Systems

05.05.2020 M13-1up (PDF, 1 MB) M13-6up (PDF, 1 MB) M13 Synchronization in Distributed Systems
12.05.2020 M14-1up (PDF, 1 MB) M14-6up (PDF, 1 MB) M14

Coordination in Distributed Systems

19.05.2020 M15-1up (PDF, 1 MB) M15-6up (PDF, 1 MB) M15 Distributed Systems in Use
26.05.2020 M16-1up (PDF, 1 MB) M16-6up (PDF, 1000 KB) M16 Security in Distributed Systems

The files provided above may only be downloaded from a subnetwork of the University of Zurich's network. Thus, please use a VPN client from the outside. Information on the VPN setup can be found here.

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