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Department of Informatics - Communication Systems Group

3027/3028 - Seminar: Communication Systems

Reader: Prof. Dr. Burkhard Stiller
Assistants:  Bruno Rodrigues, Sina Rafati, Eder Scheid, Muriel FrancoChristian Killer, Eryk Schiller
ECTS Points: 3.0
Seminar: Thursdays 12.15 - 13.45 h
Introduction: On 20.02.2020, an introduction to the seminar is provided and the topics are distributed to interested students.
First talk: All dates are listed in the calendar on the seminar planning page once the distribution of topics has happened.
Room: BIN 2.A.10
Performance: Individual seminar talk of 45 minutes supported by presentation slides, followed by a moderated discussion of 45 minutes on the seminar topic. Production of an individual, content-wise correct written seminar report ready for publication, covering bibliographic references and being compliant with all formal requirements raised on the basis of the LaTeX template provided.

Information Update

The University and we as lecturers will do everything possible to ensure that you can acquire all your planned credits this semester. All examinations (assessments) will take place at the times determined in the VVZ; you will be informed in good time about the type and procedure. So please plan to be available at the appropriate times (online or onsite, depending on the legal situation). If you belong to a specified risk group, then special rules apply and you can contact the Dean's Office in this case.

Since UZH has asked all lectures at this very moment to select the most appropriate and suitable online teaching tool, the first week, may be the second week from March 16, 2020 onward may see starting problems or technical deficits. These happen due to the unexpected and non-tested use of tools for many attendees, which are now run and applied basically for very many classes at the same time. Based on the expertise of the CSG team, we do try to minimize those problems as soon as possible. Please follow your e-mail addresses you did use for registering with this class to receive up-to-date and most recent information, whenever this may become accessible.


Communication systems provide today the infrastructure needed for successful exchange of data and information. For this purpose, communication systems constitute a critical contributor to reliable and robust business operations both for SMEs as well as large international corporations with multiple, geographically distant establishments. This seminar sheds light on selected aspects of communication systems in terms of public telecommunication systems as well as the Internet. Aspects of interest range from reliability, performance, security to usability of communication systems.


Students have to show in this seminar that they are able to acquire relevant knowledge from scientific literature in order to address an assigned seminar topic in a sufficient manner. Compiled results need to be presented in a talk, and a pro-actively moderated discussion including the defense of developed hypotheses is expected. Each seminar covers a written seminar report that incorporates all relevant results.


The lecture communication systems is highly recommended, but not a strong requirement as long as a student is able to adopt the respective understanding in a self-study manner. In general, an interest in questions of communications is highly relevant.

Timing and Organization

Detailed information regarding seminar planning and the seminar report can be found in the respective pages.

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