Bruno Bastos Rodrigues

Contact Information

Universität Zürich
Institut für Informatik (IFI), BIN 2.E.06
Binzmühlestrasse 14
CH-8050 Zürich
  • Phone: +41 44 635 43 81
  • Fax: +41 44 635 68 09
  • Email: 



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Bruno Rodrigues joined the Communication Systems Group (CSG) in September 2016 in order to obtain his doctoral degree under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Burkhard Stiller. He obtained his master's degree in 2016 under the supervision of Profa. Dra. Tereza Cristina Carvalho de Melo Brito in the University of Sao Paulo, with a thesis entitled GreenSDN. He currently focuses his research on cybersecurity, combining Blockchains and Software-Defined Networks (SDN) towards a collaborative network defense against cyber threats such as Distributed Denial-of-Service (DDoS) attacks.


Further information available on my private website.

Research Interests

  • Blockchain
  • Software-Defined Network (SDN)
  • Cloud Networking
  • Network Management 
  • Security
  • Energy Efficiency

Lecture Activities

Teaching assistant on the following courses:

  • FS term: Systems Software and Distributed Systems (SSDS), Seminar on Communication Systems
  • HS term: Communication Systems Lab Course (PR), Seminar on Internet Economics

Open Thesis

Take a look here Otherwise, drop me an e-mail or come by to have a chat




  • [Full paper] M. Franco, B. Rodrigues, E. Scheid, A. Jacobs, C. Killer, L. Granville, B. Stiller: SecBot: a Business-Driven Conversational Agent for Cybersecurity Planning and Management; 16th International Conference on Network and Service Management (CNSM 2020), Izmir, Turkey, November 2020, pp 1–7. To appear
  • [Full paper] Christian Killer, Bruno Rodrigues, Eder John Scheid, Muriel Franco, Moritz Eck, Nik Zaugg, Alex Scheitlin, Burkhard Stiller: Provotum: A Blockchain-Based and End-to-End Verifiable Remote Electronic Voting System; IEEE 45th Conference on Local Computer Networks (LCN), Sidney, Australia, November 2020, pp 1–12. To appear.
  • [Full paper] Clemens Jeger, Bruno Rodrigues, Eder Scheid, Burkhard Stiller. Analysis of Stablecoins during the Global COVID-19 Pandemic. The Second International Conference on Blockchain Computing and Applications (BCCA 2020). To appear.
  • [Technical Report] Christian Killer, Lucas Thorbecke, Bruno Rodrigues, Eder John Scheid, Muriel Franco, Burkhard Stiller: Proverum: A Hybrid Public Verifiability for Decentralized Identity Management; IFI Technical Report 2020.03, Zürich, Switzerland, August 2020. [arxiv] [Researchgate]
  • [Journal] Bruno Rodrigues, Eder Scheid, Christian Killer, Muriel Franco, Burkhard Stiller: Blockchain Signaling System (BloSS) Cooperative Signaling of Distributed Denial-of-Service Attacks. Journal of Network and Systems Management (JNSM), Special Issue on Future of Network and Service Operations and Management: Trends, Developments, and Directions. Springer's. Link.
  • [Full paper] Muriel Franco, Erion Sula, Bruno Rodrigues, Eder Scheid, Burkhard Stiller. ProtectDDoS: Trustworthy Offering and Recommendation of Protections. 17th International Conference on the Economics of Grids, Clouds, Systems, and Services (GECON 2020). Online conference. To appear.
  • [Demo] Getoar Gallopeni, Bruno Rodrigues, Muriel Franco, Burkhard Stiller: A Practical Analysis on Mirai Botnet Traffic; IFIP Networking 2020, Paris, France, 22-25 June, 2020. Link.
  • [White Paper] Alessandro De Carli, Muriel Franco, Andreas Gassmann, Christian Killer, Bruno Rodrigues, Eder John Scheid, David Schoenbaechler, Burkhard Stiller: WeTrace: Privacy-preserving Mobile COVID-19 Tracing Approach and Application; Technical Report, Zürich, Switzerland, April 2020. Link
  • [Tutorial] Christian Killer, Bruno Rodrigues, Eder Scheid, Muriel Franco, Burkhard Stiller. Practical Introduction to
    Blockchain-based Remote Electronic Voting
    . IEEE International Conference on Blockchain and Cryptocurrency (ICBC 20). 3-6 May. Toronto, Canada. Link
  • [Research Project] Bruno Rodrigues, Thomas Bocek, Simon Tuck, Burkhard Stiller - PasWITS - Passives Wireless Intelligence Tracking System. Innovation projects ICT. Inosuisse. 42193.1 IP-ICT. Link
  • [Full Paper] Scheid, E. J, Widmer P., Rodrigues B., Franco M., Stiller B. A Controlled Natural Language to Support Intent-based Blockchain Selection; IEEE International Conference on Blockchain and Cryptocurrency (ICBC 2020), 3-6 May 2020, Toronto, Canada. Link
  • [Poster] Bruno Rodrigues, Spasen Trendafilov, Eder Scheid, Burkhard Stiller. SC-FLARE: Cooperative DDoS Signaling based on Smart Contracts. IEEE International Conference on Blockchain and Cryptocurrency (ICBC 2020), 3-6 May 2020, Toronto, Canada. Link
  • [Tutorial]: Bruno Rodrigues, Eder Scheid, Burkhard Stiller. Blockchains in the Age of Softwarization – Hands-on Experiences with Programming Smart Contracts and Their Security PitfallsIFIP/IEEE Network Operations and Management Symposium. 20-24 April. 2020. Budapest, Hungary. 
  • [Full paper]: Eder J. Scheid, Daniel Lakic, Bruno Rodrigues, Burkhard Stiller. PleBeuS: a Policy-based Blockchain Selection FrameworkIFIP/IEEE Network Operations and Management Symposium. 20-24 April. 2020. Budapest, Hungary. Link.
  • [Full Paper]: Christian Killer, Bruno Rodrigues, Raphael Matile, Eder Scheid, Burkhard Stiller. Design and Implementation of Cast-as-Intended Verifiability for a Blockchain-based Voting System. The 35th ACM Symposium on Applied Computing (SAC). March 30th to April 3rd, 2020. Brno, Czech Republic. Link
  • [Book Chapter] Bruno Rodrigues, Muriel Franco, Eder John Scheid, Burkhard Stiller, Salil Kanhere: A Technology-driven Overview on Blockchain-based Academic Certificate Handling; in: Ramesh Sharma, Hakan Yildirim, Gulsun Meric (Edt.), "Blockchain Technology Applications in Education", IGI Global, Pensilvania, U.S.A, January 2020, ISBN 978-1-522-59478-9, pp 1–290. doi:10.4018/978-1-5225-9478-9 Link


Other Activities


  • IEEE ICBC 2020 (International Conference on Blockchain and Cryptocurrency)
  • ACM TOIT 2019 (Transactions on Internet Technology)
  • IEEE Access 2019 (The Multidisciplinary Open Access Journal)
  • Elsevier JONS 2019 (Journal of Networks and Service Management)
  • IEEE ICBC 2019 (International Conference on Blockchain and Cryptocurrency)
  • IEEE TNSM 2018, 2019 (Transactions on Network and Service Management)
  • IEEE JCN 2018 (Journal of Communications and Networks)
  • IEEE/IFIP NOMS 2018 (Network Operations and Management Symposium)
  • IEEE WCNC 2018 (Wireless Communications and Networking Conference)
  • IEEE JCN 2017 (Journal of Communications and Networks)
  • Elsevier COMNET 2017 (Computer Networks Journal)

Member of local organizing committe:

  • IFIP Networking 2018
  • IFIP AIMS (Autonomous Infrastructure, Management and Security) 2017