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Department of Informatics - Communication Systems Group

How am I reachable?

Origin Format Example
IFI Voice-over-Users and University Siemens phones Your Extension / Primary username 50898
Within Switzerland 044 63 [your extension] 044 635 08 98
International +41 44 63 [your extension] +41 44 635 08 98
SIP (Voice-over-IP) [your extension] or
[your SIP-alias]
IAX2 (Voice-over-IP)[your extension]

All telephone numbers of the IFI’s Voice-over-IP infrastructure are so called ENUM-enabled for incoming calls. If a caller trying to reach you using your phone number is calling over a ENUM capable Voice-over-IP system, it will automatically connect the call over the Internet instead of the traditional phone network.

You may publish your SIP URI on a webpage. Use the format and keep in mind that this address correpsonds to your e-mail address and may therefore be used by spammers.

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