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What numbers can I dial?

What numbers can I dial?

Numbers you can dial from any phone

Type Format Example
IFI Voice-over-IP number
University internal number
5 digit extension 50898
Numbers within Switzerland 7 digit phone number 0445551234
International numbers 00 + internaltional dialling code + number 001 212 555 2233

Note: If you have enabled the ENUM function you must dial also dial Swiss numbers in the international format for the ENUM lookup to work. If you dial Swiss numbers the usual way, ENUM will not work and you will be connected by using the traditional phone network.

Additional Voice-over-IP addresses

These numbers can not be used via the Siemens telephones. They are for use only on Voice-over-IP phones and as destinations in the diversions table.

Type Format Example
SIP URI (from SIP phones)
IAX2 (from IAX2 phones)

Special numbers

50990 Conference access number
50998 Voicemail access number
50999 Access to Voice-over-IP from Siemens phones

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