The BitTorrent Peer Collector Data Set

The BTPC data set contains the tracker and dht replies for one torrent executed for ~24 hours from Mon, 09 May 2016 08:05:49.634 GMT to Tue, 10 May 2016 09:08:43.549 GMT. The data set was acquired by sending one announce request per second to the 4 responsive trackers in the torrent Deadpool plus the Mainline DHT. The data contains a time stamp, IP addresses, and seeder, leecher, and total peer count for tracker responses. For ethical reasons IP addresses contained in the data set were anonymized to prevent identification of individual users while still main taining the uniqueness of the IP address. One row represents one request and the values are tab delimited (TDV). The data is located here:

DHT File Header:

[timestamp] [request number] [IP adress1] [IP address2] ...

TrackerFile Header

[timestamp] [request number] [seeder] [leecher] [total] [IP adress1] [IP address2] ...

Please cite this dataset as
The BitTorrent Peer Collector Data Set,
Andri Lareida, Tobias Hoßfeld and Burkhard Stiller,