IFIP TC6 Meeting and IFIP Networking 2018 Concluded in Zürich

The IFIP TC6 Meeting in Zürich run on May 17, 2018 concluded successfully with a larger number of IFIP national representatives being on board, complemented by the majority of IFIP TC6 Working Group (WG) chairs, vice-chairs, or secretaries.

The TC6 chair, Prof. Dr. Burkhard Stiller chaired the 89th TC meeting, which emphasized on the offer of an IFIP TC6 Open Access Journal. Thus, Prof. Dr. Georg Carle was appointed Editor-in-Chief to bootstrap the proposed approach in full.

Finally, the IFIP Networking 2018 Steering Committee Chair, Prof. Dr. Jordi Domingo-Pascual recalled on IFIP Networking 2018, which is the flagship event of IFIP TC6 and pointed toward the next and 18th edition as "IFIP Networking 2019" to follow on May 20-22-2019 in Warsaw, Poland. 

Sina Rafati Niya