IFIP Networking 2018 in Zürich - Day 3

Day 3 of the IFIP Networking 2018 Conference in Zürich did see the third keynote by Dr. Jürgen Quitteck on "Artificial Intelligence in Network Operations and Management". Jürgen started by over-viewing the history of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and applying it afterwards onto the networking domain. These two examples included a 5G-based slicing wireless telecommunication systems' provider network as well as the user profiling options based on formally consented on data collections.

Jurgen Quittek
Jürgen Quittek during the Keynote III

To view the future of the IFIP Networking conference series, the Steering Committee's Chair Prof. Dr. Jordi Domingo-Pascual took the chance to announce that IFIP Networking 2019 will take place May 20-22, 2019 in Warzawa, Poland.

Jordi Domingo-Pascual

Jordi Domingo-Pascual Announcing IFIP Networking 2019

The Panel on "Security and Privacy in the Internet of Things" was chaired by Prof. Dr. James Sterbenz, who did pose five key questions to the panelists and the audience:

1.  It is technically feasible to secure the IoT?
2.  If yes, it is likely to be secure and private in practice?
3.  Do you have any IoT kit at your own house?
4.  What have you done to secure it?
5.  Do you have any mission-critical devices on your home IoT (e.g., thermostat or door lock)?

James Sterbenz Introducing the Panel's Topics

While checking within a short audience poll, only a few hands were raised to indicate per question their binary answers to these questions. In turn, Prof. Dr. Bernhard Plattner, Dr. Corinna Schmitt, Prof. Dr. Martina Zitterbart, Prof. Dr. Salil Kanhere, and Prof. Dr. Nils Aschenbruck provided their statements. The discussion revealed that very different positions and perceptions exist on these questions, the Internet of Things (IoT) as such, and their security as well as privacy requirements.


View of the Panelists being Ready to Position Their Views

The Demonstration and Poster Session followed in turn and was combined with the coffee break, thus, giving the IFIP Networking 2018 audience the chance to chat on an individual basis with 4 demonstrations, 3 posters, and 4 additional posters offered out of 8 short presentation sessions to follow in the afternoon. Interesting, deeply involved, and highly interactive discussions occurred next to the demonstration tables and poster boards.




A Selection of Demonstration and Poster Presentation


The last two parallel tracks A and B in the afternoon encompassed the topics "Network Models and Algorithms" and "Content Distribution", which were followed by the two Short Presentation Sessions. And they had been attended as well with more than 30 people each, resulting in interactive and open discussions.


IFIP Networking 2018 Audiences on Their Ways Home

Thus, it is time to say good bye to all. Thanks for attending IFIP Networking 2018 in Zürich at the Swissotel. Thanks for your presentations, contributions, and support of this event and - hopefully - for future instances. See you all next year in May 2019 again.

Safe Travels and take some time before to enjoy Zürich, Switzerland. 

Sina Rafati Niya