IFIP Networking 2018 in Zürich - Day 2

Day 2 of the IFIP Networking 2018 Conference in Zürich has started with the second keynote by Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Kellerer on "Flexibility Matters: On the Design and Evaluation of Softwarized Networks". He introduced the basics to understand the term flexibility and what it means by adding measures to be able to compare systems. By providing examples evaluations have been shown that costs can reflect an important facet of such comparisons, why typically trade time and functionality.

Prof Wolfgang Kellerer
Wolfgang Kellerer during the Keynote II


The subsequent two parallel tracks A and B followed in one instance before and two instances after lunch on IFIP Networking 2018 day 2. Thus, the "Food for the Brain" was again complemented by "Food for the Body" at a wide variety of first courses, main courses, and desert!

IFIP Lunch IFIP-Lunch
 View on Lunches Served during IFIP Networking 2018

Again, presentations were able to deliver the respective papers' key message and questions posed and answered indicated the audience's expertise, too! On average more than 35 people at each session followed the presentations on "SDN Architectures", "5G Communications", "Named Data Networking", Wireless and Mobile Networks", "Data Center and Overlay Networks", and "Virtualization and Resource Sharing".

Audience Audience A
Session Audiences Following the Technical Presentations 



Reminder: The full IFIP Networking 2018 Program, the organizational data, and all relevant information are available on-line at the URL: https://networking.ifip.org/2018/.


Sina Rafati Niya