A Deep Dive into Blockchains - UZH BCC International Summer School 2020

The CSG was highly active in the 2020 International Summer School on "Deep Dive into Blockchain - Linking Economics, Technology and Law" organized the by the UZH Blockchain Center. Due to external circumstances the entire Summer School was held as an on-line event.

The CSG experts on Blockchains, here namely Christian Killer, Bruno Rodrigues, Eder Scheid, and Burkhard Stiller taught 4 classes as lectures and addressed approximately more than two dozens of Q&A sessions, in which a practical guide into the use of electronic wallets was presented. The Blockchain topics ranged from "Introduction, Background, and Blockchain Basics" via "Blockchain Eras, Applications, and Consensus" and "Blockchain Platforms" to "Blockchain-based Remote Electronic Voting". The full course description was once offered here, including academic and industrial talks and details.

While an on-line audience of about 60 students attended from the Asia-Pacific, the European, and the Americas regions, a carefully crafted schedule allowed for the attendance of about 50% of the classes life, which the other 50% of classes could be followed from recorded ones or via podcasts. This is a challenge in itself, but students seemed to have gained experiences in these settings and enjoyed the special event.

Nevertheless, the social gathering of people, human-to-human communications, and personal discussions could not be replaced by any technical video conferencing tool!

Christian Killer