CSG Active at the IEEE Globecom 2019 Workshop on "Blockchains in Telecommunications: Emerging Technologies Decade and Beyond" and the IEEE Globecom 2019 Industrial Forum on "Blockchains in Telecommunications"

While the morning of December 13, 2019 was assigned to the IEEE Globecom 2019 Industrial Forum, the afternoon did cover the IEEE Globecom 2019 Workshop on the similar topic, all collocated with IEEE Globecom 2019.

During the forum, Brian Scriber, Cable Labs, Claudio Lima, Blockchain Engineering Council, BEC, and Burkhard Stiller did present views on lessons learned from failures, blockchain interoperability and standardization in the context of IEEE, and "The Use of Blockchains in Commercial Applications and their Related Telco Challenges". These 3 presentations raised many discussions and lead to the panel on "What are the Opportunities and Challenges of Blockchain in Telecom?", chaired by Fred Douglis, Perspecta Labs, and in which Burkhard made his point that telcos may not see a business model based on Blockchains (BC), possibly only on consensus finding within Distributed Ledgers (DL). However, the use of DLs for telco-specific applications may raise efficiency, such as for Networking Slicing management, however, almost certainly not for Blockchain-as-a-Service.

The workshop was structured into two sessions, one on "Blockchain and Telecom" with 4 papers and one on "Authentication & Security" with 5 papers. The very last of this workshop - and the IEEE Globecom 2019 overall - was presented Christian Killer on "Threat Management Dashboard for a Blockchain Collaborative Defense". As a response to the increasingly distributed nature of DDoS attacks, many organizations have demonstrated their willingness to exchange information concerning threats, incidents, and mitigation strategies. Blockchains determine a viable threat sharing platform, where different organizations can interact in a verifiable manner. Thus, this talk presented the security visualization and management issue in a blockchain-based collaborative defense platform, defining an interactive dashboard displaying on-going threat mitigation status and enabling security analysts to react on threats on an individual or group level.

christian killer Globecom2019 BS at Globcom2019 globcome2019Christian being active at the workshop presentation. Burkhard at the industrial forum's talk and panel.

Sina Rafati Niya