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Department of Informatics - Communication Systems Group


There is a total of 12 exercise sheets. Exercise sheets will be published every Wednesday after the lecture session, based on the content of that day's lecture.  The hand-in of exercise sheets must be submitted until the following Wednesday by 23:59. Late submissions will not be considered. It is important to consider:

Students who hand in ...
(a) Bonus... at least 10 out of 12 valid assignments receive a +10% bonus over the final exam's points, but not exceeding the maximum 6.0 grade;
(b) Neutral... less than 10 and more than 6 valid assignments receive neither a bonus nor a malus; or
(c) Malus... less than 6 valid assignments receive a -10% malus over the final exam's points, but not falling short of the 4.0 grade.

The correct answers for the exercises will be provided and discussed during the exercise class. Therefore, individual feedback will not be provided.

In case you have problems with downloading the files (e.g., showing error 404) check your VPN settings and delete your browser's cache.

Exercise Session Slides

Discussion Date

Remarks Hand-in
E01 (PDF, 219 KB) Organization and Challenge Task (PDF, 609 KB) 22.09 BR File-drop Link
E02 (PDF, 224 KB) E02-Slides (PDF, 842 KB) 29.09 BR via e-mail
E03 (PDF, 479 KB) E03-Slides (PDF, 674 KB) 06.10 BR via e-mail
E04 (PDF, 257 KB) E04-Slides (PDF, 1 MB) 13.10 BR via e-mail
E05 (PDF, 250 KB) E05-Slides (PDF, 620 KB) 20.10 BR via e-mail
E06 (PDF, 229 KB) E06-Slides (PDF, 750 KB) 27.10 BR via e-mail
E07 (PDF, 226 KB) E07-Slides (PDF, 861 KB) 03.11 BR via e-mail
E08 (PDF, 286 KB) E08-Slides (PDF, 749 KB) 10.11 BR via e-mail
E09 (PDF, 217 KB) E09-Slides (PDF, 599 KB) 17.11 BR via e-mail
E10 (PDF, 217 KB) E10-Slides (PDF, 706 KB) 24.11 AH via e-mail
E11 (PDF, 217 KB) E11_Slides (PDF, 1 MB) 01.12 AH via e-mail
E12 (PDF, 243 KB) E12-Slides (PDF, 1 MB) 08.12 ES via e-mail
E13 Open Q&A - Preparation CT (PDF, 309 KB) 15.12 BR -
E14 CT #2 and Simulated Exam (PDF, 351 KB) 22.12 BR -

The files provided above may only be downloaded from a subnetwork of the University of Zurich's network. Thus, please use a VPN client from the outside. Information on the VPN setup can be found here.

Hand-in of exercises

Exercises should be handed in via e-mail to BR (rodrigues [at] and, if applicable, include the other TA appointed in the column in cc

- File-drop: you may see the uploaded file (i.e., a confirmation). 
- E-mail: the TA will respond with an "ack."