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Department of Informatics - Communication Systems Group

Demo at NetSys 2015

The "Web-based Mobile Access And Data Handling Framework for Wireless Sensor Networks" was successfully presented at the demo session at NetSys 2015. WebMaDa is part of the research SecureWSN and, thus, for more information visit

Demo Abstract:

Web-based Mobile Access and Data Handling (WebMaDa) framework allows authorized users to publish their data in the Internet, create access for other authorized users. This access can be set in a fine-grained manner, updated, and revoked. WebMaDa consists of the following main components:

  • Online Database hosts tables including access rights, active WSNs, and corresponding data including datastream, topology, and raw data.
  • User Management Tool ensures that only selected users are able to view or deploy WSNs on the Internet by creating user accounts with different access rights. Accounts created with the User Management Tool can have one of two major roles: (1) Administrator of WebMaDa, and (2) user of WebMaDa that might own a WSN or want to view other WSNs. In order to manage the access rights a database with three tables was established that save access requests, granted rights, and account status.
  • Backend Module enables accounts with uploading rights to publish their WSN data on the website by activating the corresponding function in CoMaDa. This module requires successful authentication of the account and then pushes all monitored data to the online database storage that is linked to the web site. In the backend of the system tables are created that log the deployed WSNs and display them to the user on the website.
  • Website accesses the online database and visualize the running systems analog to CoMaDa. But before accessing those WSNs the user must authenticate again on the website. Depending on the access rights the user can view the selec- tion of currently active WSNs. Visualization includes WSN topology, raw data packets, and graphical visualization by Xively.

Requirements for WebMaDa infrastucture

  • Web server with HTTPS support
  • Server with MySQL Database behind a SSH Host
  • Computer for running CoMaDa

Requirements for mobile device using WebMaDa

  • Internet connection
  • Web browser
  • Adobe Flash Player