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Department of Informatics - Communication Systems Group

Big Data

The 17th Bernese Conference on Information Security, November 26, 2014 in Berne, Switzerland addressed the main topic "Big data - Challenges and Risks in Practice" in an afternoon's program with one key note, four guest presentations, and a concluding round table being moderated by Karin Frei, SRF Zurich.

The invited key note from Prof. Dr. Burkhard Stiller on "Big Data - The Areas of Conflict: Data Volume, Analysis Methods, Protection" presented in an overview data collections of the past and as of today, which motivated the demand for certain technology in support of storing and processing them. Based on two different definitions of Big Data from the literature, the talk derived major Big Data characteristics. Driven by a short discussion of Big Data selected facets, especially analysis methods, protection, and ethics, today's status was summarized, main conclusions presented, and future steps outlined.

The latter included (a) the scientific demand for a comprehensive Big Data theory for distributed data's basic interrelations and veracity, (b) technically the search for data patterns and data correlations, which requires new methods for non-random data selections combined with efficient processing approaches, and (c) for an operational approach of Big Data the determination of laws and definition of privacy as well as ethical guidelines for handling Big Data. This presentation was acknowledging the EU FP7 NoE FLAMINGO for the legal and regulative perspectives addressed and the EU FP7 STREP SmartenIT for Network and service management aspects in distributed systems.