General Information

Any type of thesis currently offered within the CSG is listed below with its title, type, and supervisors responsible. Thus, please select the thesis you are interested in and contact the first supervisor named. If "your" topic is not found directly yet, contact supervisors for an informal meeting, and he may have new ideas at hand, but just not listed.

Abbreviations utilized read as follows:

Important Notes

Any type of thesis work (MSc-Arbeit, BSc-Arbeit, Vertiefungsarbeit, Diplomarbeit and Studienarbeit) performed needs to address the structural and content requirements. This ensures that a high quality standard of a thesis to be submitted in written form can be met.

Completed theses

Open Theses

Blockchain-based Voting and Identity management
[MP] Supervisors: Dr. Thomas Bocek
Secure Data Transmission in Wireless Sensor Networks under Contiki
[BA, MA, MP] Supervisors: Dr. Corinna Schmitt

Assigned Theses

Secure Position Data Transmission for Object Tracking using LoRaWAN
[MA] Assigned to: Matthias Diez
Cooperative Signaling of DDoS Attacks based on Blockchains
[MA] Assigned to: Andreas Gruhler
Automated pollution monitoring using IoT and smart contracts
[MA] Assigned to: Sanjiv Jha.
Digital Forensic - Kantonspolizei Zürich - Praktikanten/in (80 – 100%) für 3 – 6 Monate
[SA] Assigned to: TBA
Classification and Analysis of Security Protocols and Algorithms for Constrained Networks
[VA] Assigned to: Niko van Wyk
Design and Implementation of a Sensor Data Storage Prototype
[BA] Assigned to: Christian Ott
Modeling and Simulating a Green Traffic Engineering tool applied to an SDN environment
[SA] Assigned to: Alexander Hofmann
Easy Traffic Generator (ETG) — An Intuitive Traffic Generator to Facilitate Network Debugging
[BA] Assigned to: Benz Schenk
Design and Implementation of a Smart Contract Application
[MA] Assigned to: Florian Schuepfer
Development of a Minimum Spanning Tree algorithm as a Software-Defined Networking application
[SA] Assigned to: Antonio Gallucio