Secure Data Transmission in Wireless Sensor Networks under Contiki - Algo 1

State: Assigned to Severin Siffert

Today data collection becomes more and more important. Usually wireless sensor networks (WSNs) are used, which represent an ad-hoc network with very constraint hardware (e.g. RAM 10kb, 3 AA batteries). The measured data is transmitted to a central gateway, which is connected to an infrastructure for further analysis purposes. Due to the fact that sensitve information (e.g., GPS coordinates, address, ID) is mapped to any data that allows to gain information about the collection point it is essential to protect the data transmission. The resources of used sensor hardware is very constrained and, thus, requires efficient security mechanisms leaving enough resources for the purpose of data collection.

For WSNs two main operating systems are popular – Contiki and TinyOS. At the department an infrastructure already exist, which includes different security implementations for TinyOS: TinyDTLS, TinySAM, TinyTO.

We are now searching for YOU to implement security solutions for the operating system Contiki. You can choose between the following 4 topics:

The developed solution must be integrated into the existing infrastructure which requires the support of the data format TinyIPFIX for data transmission, node programming and visualization of data using GUI CoMaDa (perhaps also WebMaDa). Further tasks will be to evaluate and document your implementation, as well as comparing its efficiency to the existing TinyOS implementations.

Depending on thesis type and YOUR preferences the topic scope can be adjusted. Just come over and discuss with me.

20% Design, 60% Implementation, 20% Documentation
Advanced programming skills in C, C++

Supervisors: Dr. Corinna Schmitt

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