General Information

Any type of theses (Abschlussarbeiten, Bachelorarbeit, Masterarbeit in der Informatik) currently offered within the CSG is listed below with its title, type, and the respective supervisors responsible. Thus, please select the thesis you are interested in and contact the first supervisor named explicitly.

If "your" topic is not found directly in that list below yet, please contact any supervisor of the CSG for an informal meeting, and he may have new ideas at hand, which are just not listed (yet) or which you may have in mind.

Abbreviations utilized below read as follows:

Important Notes

Any type of thesis work (BA, IS, MBM, MAP, or MA) performed needs to address their specific structural and content requirements. This ensures that a high quality standard of a thesis to be submitted in written form can be met, if the effort and input as well as dedication of the student becomes visible.

Open Theses

Design and Implementation of an Energy Efficient LoRa Network
[BA, IS, MA, MP] Supervisors: Dr. Eryk Schiller
Enabling Automatic VNF Deployment based on Smart Contract Events
[BA, MA] Supervisors: Eder John Scheid
Traffic Counting in Static and Mobile Wireless Community Networking
[BA, IS, MA, MP] Supervisors: Dr. Eryk Schiller
Analysis of Cyber Insurance Requirements
[IS] Supervisors: Muriel Figueredo Franco
Linux on ESP32 Device Family
[BA, IS] Supervisors: Dr. Eryk Schiller
Creation of a dataset modeling the behavior of different malware affecting Raspberry Pis
[BA] Supervisors: Dr Alberto Huertas
Detection of cyberattacks affecting IoT devices
[MA] Supervisors: Dr Alberto Huertas
Deployment and Extension of a NFV-based Intent Refinement Environment
[MA, MP] Supervisors: Eder John Scheid
A High Performance Interface among Named Data Networks (NDNs)
[MP] Supervisors: Dr. Eryk Schiller
Data Correlation and Analysis of Multi-source Wireless Trackers
[MA] Supervisors: Bruno Rodrigues
Trusted AI for anomaly detection in IoT-based scenarios
[MA] Supervisors: Dr Alberto Huertas

Completed Theses

All theses performed at the CSG in the past are accessible in thefollowing page, listed in an ordered manner from newer to past terms.

Assigned Theses

Security, Privacy, and Transparency Improvements of CoMaDa
[BA] Assigned to: Michael Balmer
Automated pollution monitoring using IoT and smart contracts
[MA] Assigned to: Sanjiv Jha.
Digital Forensic - Kantonspolizei Zürich
[BA] Assigned to: Neva Silvestri
Secure Data Transmission in Wireless Sensor Networks under Contiki - Algo 1
[BA] Assigned to: Severin Siffert
Value-Network-Analysis for IoT Platforms
[MA] Assigned to: Yves Steiner
Security Improvement for Object Tracking in IoT
[MA] Assigned to: Stefanie Ziltener
Secure Data Transmission in Wireless Sensor Networks under Contiki - Algo 2
[BA] Assigned to: Madeleine Heyl
Distributed and Decentralised Proof of Ownership with Blockchains
[BA] Assigned to: Arik Gabay
Design and Implementation of a Know Your Costumer (KYC) Platform for Blockchains-Integrated Application
[BA] Assigned to: Sebastian Alleman
Secure and automated data collection with LoRa - A blockchain integrated Project
[MA] Assigned to: kürsat Aydinli (MA), Fabio Maddaloni (BA), Timo Su
Design and Prototypical Development of a GDPR and Swiss Law Compliant Blockchain
[BA] Assigned to: Julius Willems
Scalability Improvements of a Blockchain Design for IoT Data Streams
[BA] Assigned to: Raphael Beckmann
Evaluation and Comparison of Swiss Voting Advice Applications
[BA] Assigned to: Roberto Baumann
Verifiability Extensions and Improvements of Blockchain-based E-Voting
[MA] Assigned to: CSM
Design and Implementation of a Decentralized E-Identity Management
[MA] Assigned to: Lucas Thorbecke (MA)
Automated Cyber Insurance Contracts
[MA] Assigned to: Noah Berni
Wi-Fi Multilateration - Passive Tracking of Wireless Devices
[BA] Assigned to: Lukas Mueller
Bazo Blockchain for indoor IoT systems with IEEE 802.15.4
[IS] Assigned to: Elfat Essati
Employing Machine Learning for Blockchain Selection
[MA] Assigned to: Ratanak Hy
Standardization and Extension of a Blockchain Interoperability API
[BA] Assigned to: Pascal Kiechl
MAC Address randomization
[BA] Assigned to: Fabian Kuenzler