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The P2P lecture includes two parts of exercises, a theoretical part and a practical part (challenge task).

Theoretical Exercises

Every week during the first phase the students will receive one theoretical exercise sheet. The exercises will be discussed by the supervisor a week later. In total, there are 4 exercise sheets. The exercises are mandatory and will be very useful for preparing the final exam. We encourage the students to solve the exercises on their own and actively participate in the exercise discussions. Please send your answers to the day before the respective Exercise Discussion (deadline 12h noon).

Hand-out Date Exercise Discussion
Exercise 1 (GS)
21.02.2008 28.02.2008
Exercise 2 (CM)
Exercise 3 (TB)
Exercise 4 (FH)
13.03.2008 20.03.2008

The files provided on this webpage can only be downloaded from within the UZH network. Please use a VPN client from outside.

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Practical Exercise: Challenge Task

Please refer to the challenge task webpage (available after 13.03.2008) for a detailed description of the challenge task. The task is performed in groups and is also mandatory.

The challenge task will be presented on 13.03.2008, after the exercise discussion. All students need to be present on that day, for the grouping to be done.

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