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Department of Informatics - Communication Systems Group


Recent News

November 27:Big Data – The Areas of Conflict: Data Volume, Analysis Methods, Protection. More info here.

November 07:ITU-T Recommendation Y.3013 Approved and Released to Public. More info here.

September 01:Mobile Payments with Bitcoins - The First World-wide. More info here.

July 30:CfP Special Issue of the International Journal on Network Management (IJNM) on Measure, Detect and Mitigate Challenges and Trends in Network Security. More info here.

July 18:Y.FNsocioeconomic Consented During ITU-T Study Group 13 Meeting. More info here.

June 5:Full paper acceptance in IEEE LCN 2014. More info here.

May 12:New article accepted for publication in Computer Networks (COMNET). More info here.

April 3:KuVS 2014 best Bachelor Thesis award hand-over. More info here.

March 20: Full paper acceptance in IFIP AIMS 2014. More info here.

March 20: SmartenIT co-organized session at FIA 2014. More info here.

March 17: Short paper accepted at 7th IFIP Wireless and Mobile Networking Conference (WMNC 2014). More info here.

March 11: For 2013 the Bachelor Thesis of Samuel Liniger was selected as the best for the last year in the KuVS Fachgruppe. More info here.

February 25: Weak data validation in cloud providers. More info here.

February 10: Mensa Payments with Bitcoins at Binzmühle. More info here.

February 05: Two demo papers are accepted in IFIP/IEEE NOMS 2014. More info here.

November 05: Full paper acceptance at IFIP/IEEE NOMS 2014. More info here.

October 18: The 9th International Conference on Network and Service Management (CNSM2013) was hosted in Zurich on 14-18 October 2013 and organized successfully by the CSG@IFI team. More info here.

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The Communication Systems Research Group CSG at the Computer Science Department (Institut für Informatik, IFI) of the University of Zurich, UZH, Switzerland was founded in September 2004.

CSG's key mission is to establish excellent research in communications, addressing communication mechanisms for charging, accounting, mobility, security, while considering Telecommunication economics, network management, and highly-decentralized systems as major pillars of today's communications in the Internet. Secondly, the CSG is committed to provide a full and up-to-date teaching curriculum on networks and communications for undergraduate and graduate students, partly in conjunction with other groups at IFI.


The research group includes about a dozen people (Ph.D. Students, Senior Researchers, and PostDocs) and works in a number of highly relevant communication research areas, such as charging and accounting for services and applications, cloud supporting services, economic network management, underlay-to-overlay cooperation, peer-to-peer systems, and monitoring.

General Information

Head of Group: Prof. Dr. Burkhard Stiller Phone: +41 44 635 6710
Secretary: Marina Seric
Phone: +41 44 635 4331
Fax: +41 44 635 6809

Postal Address

University of Zurich
Department of Informatics (IFI), CSG BIN
Binzmühlestrasse 14
CH-8050 Zürich


If you plan to visit us, please check out the local travel information.