Lecture Material

Lecture Date Slides 1-up Slides 6-up Release Date Content (keyword(s))
19.02.2015 M00-1up (PDF, 58 KB) M00-6up (PDF, 49 KB) 18.02.2015 Introduction
19.02.2015 M01-1up (PDF, 1832 KB) M01-6up (PDF, 1573 KB) 18.02.2015 Motivation and History, Basic Components and Terminology, Transmissions, Network Classification, Standardization
26.02.2015 M02-1up (PDF, 1516 KB) M02-6up (PDF, 1121 KB) 19.02.2015 Communication Characteristics, Architectures, Service and Protocol, Internet and Layers, Network Examples
5.03.2015, 12.03.2015 M03-1up (PDF, 2369 KB) M03-6up (PDF, 1404 KB) 26.02.2015 Point-to-point Direct Links, Resource Sharing and Multiplexing, Physical Media, Reliable Transmissions
19.03.2015, 26.03.2015 M04-1up (PDF, 262 KB) Correction M4-16 (PDF, 16 KB) M04-6up (PDF, 240 KB) Correction M4-16 (PDF, 16 KB) 12.03.2015 Shared Media Access, Local Area Networks, Aloha, Ethernet, FDDI
26.03.2015, 02.04.2015 M05-1up Correction M5-26 (PDF, 16 KB) M05-6up Correction M5-26 (PDF, 16 KB) 24.03.2015 Connecting LANs with Hubs and Bridges, Telecommunication Networks and Switching, Routers and IP, Routing
30.04.2015 M06-1up (PDF, 468 KB) M06-6up (PDF, 246 KB) 27.04.2015 End-to-end Characteristics, UDP and TCP, Congestion Control, Implementations and Sockets
7.05.2015 M07-1up (PDF, 912 KB) M07-6up (PDF, 844 KB) 30.04.2015 Security Motivation, Threats, Attacks Authentication, Encryption, Signatures Access Control, SSH, SSL, IPSec
21.05.2015 M08-1up (PDF, 206 KB) M08-6up (PDF, 194 KB) 15.05.2015 E-Mail, Domain Name System (DNS), WWW (World Wide Web)