The full seminar report has been published in PDF format as IFI Technical Report IFI-2015.02 (PDF, 6 MB) upon seminar finalization. Presentations slides are published a per-topic basis as listed in the following table.

Talk Title Student Supervisor
0 Chinese Washing Machine* (PDF, 1 MB) Roman Hoog Antink, James Hulka --
1 Opportunistic Networking in Case of Vehicular Networks (PDF, 2 MB) Remo Koch, Reto Wettstein Lisa Kristiana
3 Inter-vehicle Communication Trends (PDF, 1 MB) Samuel von Baussnern, Geetha Parangi Christos Tsiaras
4 Trusted Computing for Wireless Sensor Networks (PDF, 3 MB) Romana Pernischova, Antonio Galluccio Corinna Schmitt
5 Overview and Comparison of P2P File Synchronization and Storage Solutions (PDF, 1 MB) Josua Fröhlich, Simon Rüesch Andri Lareida
7 Technology-based Risk Analysis of Cloud-based Services (PDF, 1 MB) Eni Duka, Marc Heimgartner Radhika Garg
9 Geo-location of IP Addresses (PDF, 4 MB) Raphael Matile, Christian Tresch Daniel Dönni

*The research paper corresponding to the talk can be found here.