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Six assignments will be handed out throughout the course. Students are expected to carefully work on these assignments and hand them in by the required deadlines. Three assignments pertain to the 'distributed systems' submodule, one to the 'database systems' submodule, and two to the 'software evolution' submodule.

Students who hand in ...
(a) ... at least four valid assignments receive a +10% bonus over the final exam's points, but not exceeding the maximum 6.0 grade;
(b) ... less than one valid assignment per submodule receive neither a bonus nor a malus; or
(c) ... less than two valid assignments receive a -10% malus over the final exam's points, but not falling short of the 4.0 grade.

Note that the overall number of valid assignments for the course submitted needs to see at least one valid assignment from each submodule. Additionally, valid assignments are counted as "valid", if they clearly show that a measurable amount of work and effort had been spent.


Exercise Slides/Notebooks Hand-out Date Discussion Date Remarks
FSS-DS-E01 (PDF, 595 KB) FSS-DS-E01-Slides (PDF, 866 KB) 28.09.2021 [5,12,19].10.2021 Deadline 18.10.2021
FSS-DS-E01-Extra (PDF, 223 KB) - 29.09.2021 5.10.2021 Extra exercise, no deadline, and not mandatory
FSS-DS-E02 (PDF, 763 KB) FSS-DS-E02-Slides (PDF, 1 MB) 05.10.2021 12.10.2021 Deadline 11.10.2021
FSS-DS-E03 (PDF, 372 KB) FSS-DS-E03-Slides (PDF, 1 MB) 12.10.2021 19.10.2021 Deadline 18.10.2021
- FSS-DS-E04-Slides (PDF, 1 MB) - 19.10.2021 -
FSS-DS-E04 (PDF, 225 KB) FSS-DB-E04-Solutions (PDF, 243 KB) 02.11.2021 09.11.2021 Deadline 08.11.2021
FSS-SE-E05 (PDF, 184 KB) FSS-DS-E05-Notebook (IPYNB, 16 KB) 23.11.2021 30.11.2021

Deadline 30.11.2021


FSS-SEII-E06 (ZIP, 246 KB)

Solution (ZIP, 1 MB)


06.12.2021 14.12.2021

13.12.2021 @ 23:55

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