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M00-1up (PDF, 227 KB)

M01-1up (PDF, 4 MB)

M00-6up (PDF, 151 KB)

M01-6up (PDF, 1 MB)

M0, M01, M02

Organization, basics, introduction, number systems (Part I)
24.02.2022 M02-1up (PDF, 3 MB) M02-6up (PDF, 1 MB) M02

Number systems (Part II), number representation, basic arithmetics, characters

01.03.2022 M03-1up (PDF, 1 MB) M03-6up (PDF, 572 KB) M03 Formal Basics of Logics and Normalized and Minimized Forms
08.03.2022 - - M03 Implementation of Combinatorial Circuits by Gates and Design of Combinatorial Circuits
15.03.2022 M04-1up (PDF, 1 MB) M04-6up (PDF, 1 MB) M03, M04 Delay Effects, Sequential Circuits: Basics Updated
22.03.2022 - - M04 Timing and Flipflops and Design of Synchronous Sequential Circuits
29.03.2022 - - M04 Dedicated Sequential Circuits and Arithmetic Logic Unit (ALU)
05.04.2022 M05-1up (PDF, 3 MB) M05-6up (PDF, 1 MB) M05 von-Neumann Architecture, Set-up and Operations, Organization

M06-1up (PDF, 739 KB)

Lecture Notes 01 (PDF, 251 KB)

M06-6up (PDF, 734 KB) M06 Operating Systems Introduction

M07-1up (PDF, 2 MB)

Lecture Notes 02 (PDF, 245 KB)

M07-6up (PDF, 1 MB) M07 Operating Systems Structures

M08-1up (PDF, 1 MB)

Lecture Notes 03 (PDF, 327 KB)

M08-6up (PDF, 890 KB) M08 Processes and Inter Process Communications

M09-1up (PDF, 450 KB)

M10-1up (PDF, 847 KB)

M09-6up (PDF, 426 KB)

M10-6up (PDF, 760 KB)





17.05.2022 M11-1up (PDF, 452 KB) M11-6up (PDF, 391 KB) M11 Synchronization
24.05.2022 M12-1up (PDF, 641 KB) M12-6up (PDF, 495 KB) M12 Deadlocks
31.05.2022 M13-1up (PDF, 1 MB) M13-6up (PDF, 1 MB) M13 Memory Management

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