chkroute is a tool to analyze Schengen routing compliance. The tool is based on bash, traceroute, and a geo-location server running the the premises of University of Zurich.


The chkroute tool can be downloaded from here (ZIP, 942 bytes)


The chkroute utility consists of a shell script only. After downloading, the archive must unzipped and then the script must be made executable using chmod a+x

Please note that you must also install traceroute if it is not installed.


The chkroute utility is currently only available for Linux. It should also work on Mac OS X but it has not been tested.


* Open a terminal window

* Navigate to the directory where chkroute.rar was extracted to

* Run ./ <target host>

The target node can be either an IP address or a URL.

In December 2014, UZH researchers performed a traceroute measurement using RIPE Atlas probes including many probes inside Schengen countries. These probes were used to identify Schengen complient routing paths. In total, 3388 TCP, UDP, and ICMP traceroute measurements were executed in over 1100 different AS. The entire traceroute measurmeet dataset has been publicly released to the measurement community and is available here (GZ, 1 MB).